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Feme Clean

Product Description


This product is applicable to only the external use, do not take by oral. It is restricted for the application during the menstrual period. It is applicable 3 days after the menstrual period. If the menstrual period is out of order, it is suggested to stop the application. Sex is restricted during the application of this product. During the resting period, sex is permitted, but it is suggested to apply with the condom in order to avoid the cross-infection. During or after the application, there are toxin and wastes expelled out from vagina, it is suggested to use sanitizer pads and change frequently. Female with low body temperature, will experience the lower abdomen discomfort, flatulence, headache, etc. It is suggested to have a warm drink and the fomentation; therefore, the symptom will be relieved. Virgin and pregnant women are restricted for application. Lactating women and female with severe allergies should be cautious with the application. It is applicable 1 month after the surgery of abortion. For the surgeries of uterus, ovary and others, it is applicable until 3 months later. Please do not wash vagina too often in order to avoid of disturbing the sour-base balance of the environment in vagina If the gynecological exam is needed during the application, please take the exam 3 weeks after the break-down of the application, in order to ensure the precision of the exam result.

 Keep cleaning after the menstrual period of each month. Feme Clean is from the genuine natural recipe. Within the environment of the special temperature and humidity of vagina, through the lymphatic and blood circulation, those substances are transported by sequence to vagina, uterus, oviduct, ovary and breast. As the result, the connected surfaces between the harmful tissues (such as the fibroids, cysts, polyp and tumor) and the internal wall of uterus and ovary are gradually detached, naturally shedding and expelled out. Therefore, the healthy environment of the female uterus is restored. At the same time, it also activates the regenerative ability of the cells and tissues from the uterus, ovary and vagina, regulates the blood flow and oxygen transportation, builds up the supply path in order to sufficiently nourish the ovary, recovers those aging cells, activates the endocrine function of ovary, regulates the secretion of hormones to entirely embody the healthy and beautiful nature of female.


This product is applicable of all time except the menstrual period. Stop the application 3 days before the menstrual period. It is suggested to withhold the application by the advent of menstrual period if the menstrual period is out of order.

Please wash hands and the vulva before sleep. Open the package box, pick up one Feme Clean and tear open the package, wear the disposable infertile gloves on the middle finger, flat down the body, relax ( do not place the pill while squatting), deliver the pill into the deepest location of vagina with the middle finger.

Feme Clean will dissolve under the temperature of vagina, the released gas becomes effective by circulating in the uterus and vagina; gradually, the residue of the pill, toxin and wastes will be expelled from the vagina; please use the sanitizer pads and change them frequently; wash the vulva with clean water.

48 hours after the application of Feme Clean, the pharmacological effect is diminishing. Therefore, please replace the Feme Clean after 48 hours; after the 3 consecutive applications, it is appropriate to have a rest for 3 days; thereafter, continue to apply with above cycle and so on.

During the application of this product, the briefs should be sanitized by high temperature in order to prevent the multi-infection of bacteria.

Please follow the instruction to continually apply this product, the break-down of the application will lead to the resistance by the antigens generated by the toxin and bacteria and delay the healing duration. 3 months is one cycle of application.

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